When the holidays come around every year, what do you have on your mind? Are you thinking of what gifts to get your loved ones? Do you wonder how everyone in your life is feeling or what they are going to do on the holidays? If you are thinking about your elderly loved one during the holidays, there are some things that you should remember.  

Managing Medications

Elder Care Medical Lake, WA: Holidays and Seniors

If your elderly loved one is taking medications, they may easily forget to take them during the holidays. The fun they are having with family members and friends could cause them to become distracted. They may even take their medications, but forget they did so, and then take more than they should. It would be helpful if you or an elder care provider helped your elderly loved one to manage their medications around the holidays. This could take the stress off from your elderly loved one and allow them to enjoy themselves more through the holidays.  

Decorating Together 

Another thing to think about when the holidays are around is the decorations. If your elderly loved one enjoys the holidays, you may want to spend time with them. You can do this by putting decorations up with them in their house. You can add wreaths, garland, a Christmas tree, and other decorations. Getting your elderly loved one in the spirit of the holidays can relieve their stress, help them relax, increase their gratitude, and just allow them to reminisce on the good ole’ day. 

Having a Wonderful Meal 

What is one thing that just about everyone enjoys on the holidays? They enjoy having a wonderful meal with family members, friends, and other loved ones. You and your elderly loved one can have a great holiday meal together. You can invite some of the special people in your loved one’s life. If they have an elder care provider they are close to, you may want to invite them, as well. A great home-cooked or even catered holiday meal can give everyone the chance to just spend quality time with one another. If your elderly loved one can’t cook, they can help pick out recipes or help clean up.  


These are some of the things that you should think about for your elderly loved one around and during the holidays. If you can keep these things in mind, you can help your elderly loved one to have a better, happier, and amazing holiday.  


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