Respiratory health issues are quite common in older adults. If you are caring for an older adult, you may want to do all that you can to protect their health. Did you know there are ways that someone can prevent respiratory health issues or at least reduce the symptoms of these disorders if they have them already? There are and you are going to learn how you can help the older adult in your life today.

No Smoking

Caregiver Chaney, WA: Prevention of Respiratory Health Issues in Older Adults

One of the best ways to prevent respiratory health issues in older adults is not to let them smoke. If your elderly loved one already smokes, help them to quit. While quitting won’t reverse the damage that has already been done, it will at least help them to feel better. According to the CDC, cigarettes harm almost every organ in the body.


There are many screenings that your elderly loved one should have done to prevent respiratory health issues or to get the proper treatment for them if they already have issues. They should definitely get their annual physicals. However, they should also get a breathing test done. Sometimes treatments might be needed. Other times your elderly loved one may be able to just make some lifestyle changes to help them breathe better.

Regular Exercise

Another way to help your elderly loved one to prevent respiratory health issues is by getting them to regularly exercise. Exercise regularly reducing muscle atrophy in one’s chest. This means that your elderly loved one’s lungs would be more fully open, helping them to breathe better. Breathing exercises should be added to your loved one’s daily routine, as well.

Avoid Pollutants Whenever Possible

While it can be nearly impossible to avoid every pollutant, avoiding pollutants whenever possible can truly help to prevent some respiratory health issues. For instance, keeping your elderly loved one’s home free from dust, pet dander, and smoke is one place to start.

Regular Hand Washing

Washing one’s hands regularly is another tip for preventing respiratory health issues. You or your elderly loved one’s caregivers should make sure they are regularly washing their hands. This can not only prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, but it can help with the prevention of respiratory infections, as well.

These are some of the tips for preventing respiratory health issues in older adults. If you are caring for an older adult, be sure they are doing these things to stay as healthy as possible.

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