Marcy was 81 when she really started having trouble at home. At the time, her daughter, 59, lived only a few miles away. She didn’t think anything of calling on her daughter for help every once in a while. And her daughter, Mindy, was more than happy to help. 

Yet, as time marched on, Marcy begin struggling with more and more things. She felt guilty for calling her daughter as often as she was, so she wasn’t about to call on Mindy for help bringing her to the park, to the mall, or to visit with friends. 

At the time, a couple of Marcy’s friends still drove, even though she had surrendered her license a few years earlier. When she turned 82, one of her friends was involved in a minor traffic accident. The DMV revoked her license, so now she was down to just one elderly friend who drove. 

Still, she wasn’t interested in calling on Mindy to help her get around. She did the best she could, relied on a taxi service and the kindness of a couple of neighbors just to go grocery shopping. 


Marcy hadn’t heard much about home care.

Senior Care Nine Mile Falls, WA: Home Care Options

Sure, she knew what home care was, at a basic level. She just assumed it wasn’t for her. After all, she could still tend to most of her basic needs herself. Why would she ever need a home care aide? 

What she failed to understand was that in-home care support services are more than just help for those who can’t get out of bed on their own. 

Home care is an option for seniors who want to live life in a safe way and still maintain a high quality of it. For those who want to live life to the fullest, but have difficulty with mobility, can’t get around as easily as they once could, and either don’t have family or refuse to be constantly calling them for every little thing, home care is a great asset. 

In fact, it is the best option for seniors who still want to live at home, but still enjoy life. It took Marcy some time to realize that home care could be a great asset for her, too. 

But once she did, she felt relief. She was able to enjoy time with Mindy, other family, and friends without feeling guilt over constantly calling her daughter for help. 

Plus, she began to realize just how difficult some things had become and how much better it was to have a professional, experienced home care provider supporting her every step of the way. 


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